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UpRiver Smokehouse Smoked Salmon

UpRiver Smokehouse has consistently been able to capture accolades from the world's finest chefs and food critiques. Our process has been time tested over generations of artisanel smokemasters that have fine tuned their techniques. This has allowed UpRiver Smokehouse to maintain a nouveal gourmet flavor profile which remarkably surpasses other brands while allowing us to bring a uniquely different product to complement even the most discrimitive palatte. We guarantee you will enjoy the rich aroma and uniquely different flavor profile that makes this product truly superior.

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UpRiver Gourmet Salads, Spreads and Dips

Our delicious selection of salads, spreads, and dips are prepared fresh to order by using all natural, premium sustainable seafood which has been finished to perfection in our smokehouse. All of our products are kosher certified and we pride ourselves on that.

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UpRiver Pickled Herring/Smoked Fish

Our all natural wild caught Grade A herring is processed and cured using old world European recipes that ensure some of the best tasting herring available.  

Our whitefish is sourced from the Great Lakes of Canada and hot smoked to perfection to give your palate a moist, flavorful, and smoky experience.  

Our rainbow trout fillets are gently oak roasted over hickory and apple woods using a time-honored smoking method that creates a moist delicately flavored meat with a firm texture.

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