Smoked Large Whitefish (2-3 lbs, Average whole)



UpRiver’s smoked whitefish is wild caught from the crisp waters of Canada. Our fish are succulunt and moist with a rich hickory smoked flavor profile.  This product has a firm texture which allows for use in a wide variety of recipes.  Our all natural smoked whitefish is brined in salt, hot smoked/kippered, and brought whole to market.  This product is traditionally served cold as the primary protein which is the centerpiece at many family gatherings.  Smoked whitefish can be served alone, on a sandwich, or can be added to your favorite ingredients to make a homemade whtefish salad.  Upriver Smokehouse whitefish are hot smoked to perfection to give your palate a moist, flavorful, and smoky experience.

SKU : 10070U6P Manufacturer : UpRiver Smokehouse